Saturday, February 5, 2011

Moi genie, moi angel, moi drug (Tchaikovsky)

There is a great treasure trove of ravishingly beautiful Russian music written for the voice by composers such as Glinka, Musorgsky, Rachmanivov, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Stravinsky and others. American singers don't program Russian music nearly as much as we should. Naturally, the language itself poses a bit of a stumbling block. I highly recommend taking a course in Russian diction or finding a Russian friend to help because the rewards are immense.

If you've never sung in Russian, I guarantee you that you can learn this piece and sing it on your next recital. This is one of Tchaikovky's earliest Romances and it is a gem.

This is a beautiful performance by mezzo soprano, Ekaterina Sementchuk
Larissa Gergieva, piano

Moi genie, moi angel, moi drug/ My genius, my angel, my friend
Composer:Tchaikovsky 1840-1893
Poet: Afanasii Afanas'evich Fet (1820–1892),

Russian Transliteration

Ne zdes' li ty ljogkoju ten'ju,
Moj genij, moj angel, moj drug,
Besedujesh' tikho so mnoju
I tikho letajesh' vokrug?

I robkim darish' vdokhnoven'jem,
I sladkij krachujesh' nedug,
I tikhim darish' snoviden'em,
Moj genij, moj angel, moj drug!

English translation

Isn't it here,
My my genius, my angel, my friend,
That you are talking to me softly,
And flying quietly around like a light shadow?

You are giving me a timid inspiration,
And healing my sweet ailments,
And giving me a quiet dream,
My angel, my genius, my friend!

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