Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt: The Sound of Freedom/Moustafa Fahmy, Mohamed Khalifa, and Mohamed Shaker.

Just minutes ago, Vice President Sulieman annouced that President Mubarak has stepped down!

The people of Egypt have won their freedom from 30 years of a dictatorship. The sound of freedom is a glorious thing.

Good luck to the people of Egypt and continued strength in the days ahead.

The Sound of Freedom by Moustafa Fahmy, Mohamed Khalifa, and Mohamed Shaker.

"I went down and I said I am not coming back, and I wrote on every street wall that I am not coming back.

"All barriers have been broken down, our weapon was our dream, and the future is crystal clear to us, we have been waiting for a long time, we are still searching for our place, we keep searching for a place we belong too, in every corner in our country.

"The sound of freedom is calling, in every street corner in our country, the sound of freedom is calling..

"We will re-write history, if you are one of us, join us and don't stop us from fulfilling our dream.

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