Saturday, December 4, 2010

Helen Boatwright, Celebrated Soprano, Dies at 94

“I sing opera, but I am a musician,” she told The Sheboygan Press in 2004. “I teach too many crummy kids who think they’ve got to be opera singers. Opera is such a teeny tiny part in the world of music. I don’t want to be called an opera singer.”

Helen Boatwright sang early music, concert repertoire, opera and gave world premiere performances of some works by Charles Ives. She was a musician who believed that singers had the responsiblity to perform and promote contemporary music.

See NY times obituary here.


  1. You think those kids she taught were "crummy" before or after they decided they wanted to sing opera?

  2. Hi Billy, yeah, I don't know but a friend sent me this this morning. Seems like this would be a perfect video response. Fun to see you!

  3. The video is perfect. I lived in Sheboygan. It's enough to make anyone a little grumpy.