Sunday, February 28, 2010

February is "Singer of the Day" Month

For the month of February, I've started a series of posts called "Singer of the Day." Each day features a great singer from the past. So stay tuned. It may be someone you are familiar with or someone who has fallen off your radar for some reason. In some cases, these may be artists with whom you are not familiar at all. I hope the choices will interest you.
So far we've had:
Feb. 1- Paul Robeson
Feb. 2- Ninon Vallin
Feb. 3- George Thill
Feb. 4- Irmgard Seefried
Feb. 5- Mark Reizen
Feb. 6- Eula Beal
Feb. 7- Richard Tauber
Feb. 8- Marian Anderson
Feb. 9- Rolando Panerai
Feb. 10- Shirley Verret
Feb. 11- Gundula Janowitz
Feb. 12- Leyla Gencer
Feb. 13- Jussi Bjoerling
Feb. 14- Lauritz Melchior
Feb. 15- Giulietta Simionato
Feb. 16- Franco Corelli
Feb. 17- Sena Jurinac
Feb. 18- Tito Schipa
Feb. 19- Alfred Deller
Feb. 20- Janet Baker
Feb. 21- Kathleen Ferrier
Feb. 22- Luisa Tetrazzini
Feb. 23,24- Teresa Berganza and Hermann Prey
Feb. 25- Carla Gavazzi
Feb. 26- Aksel Schiøtz
Feb. 27- Fritz Wunderlich
Feb. 28- Maria Callas

Now that we've reached the final post, I have to say that the exclusion of many other worthy artists was by no means deliberate. There are so many that didn't make the list and I apologize for that. But I may pick up the theme again another time. So stay tuned.

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