Sunday, February 7, 2010

Singer of the Day: Richard Tauber, 1891-1948

Austrian tenor, Richard Tauber was one of the most beloved singers of his time. He made his operatic debut as Tamino in Mozart's Die Zauberflöte. He became best known for his performances of operetta and song.

This performance of Schubert's Ständchen- Leise Flehen is delightful, surprising and rendered in a most personal manner that certainly challenges 20th century performance practices. I was thrilled to come across it.


  1. That performance made me smile and feel so happy. Tauber obviously relished singing and this performance and I feel lucky to have participated in this little way. Thank you for posting it! The performance practice questions it raises are interesting: I see his choices, from this vantage point, as quaint, but it is a quaintness that doesn't tarnish the performance in the least!

  2. Wow, how INTERESTING, and what nuance! A very different stylistic approach than I've ever heard works!