Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Singer of the Day: Franco Corelli, 1921- 2003

Corelli, in a class of his own! The voice, the technique, the ease, the brilliant timbre, the full sound, the phrasing, the emotion. A force of nature. It's useless to enter the proverbial "who's the all time greatest tenor" discussions. But this performance can easily be considered one of those uniquely great moments in the history of singing.

From Cavelleria Rusticana by Mascagni


  1. Thank you for this!! Corelli could stop a train with his voice! Hope all is well for you, Milagro! Miss all of ya'll in Oregon.

  2. Hi Jake! Great to see you. I was thinking of you the other day. You're right about the train metaphor but Corelli for me, is one of the few heroic tenors to also sing with "dolcezza" and was able to sing lyrically in addition to being thrilling! Hope you are well. We miss you too!