Friday, February 26, 2010

Singer of the Day: Aksel Schiøtz, 1906-1975

I wonder how many singers and pianists are familiar with Aksel Schiotz. He is well known to connoisseurs of Lieder, though I became familiar with him by chance only seven years ago. In other words, I got through my entire musical training and much of my career without once having heard of Aksel Schiøtz. A real shame because this is a superb singer who sings with such ease, style, clarity and depth of emotion. Really top drawer. We are lucky that his legacy will live on through the recordings.

Schubert Lieder- Die schöne Müllerin 1. Der Neugierige 2. Ungeduld 3. Eifersucht und Stolz 4.Die böse Farbe

Mozart, Cosi fan tutte, Un aura amorosa

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